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The Commercial Team

Our commercial team comprises of Estimation, Quantity Surveying and Procurement. Each plays their part in ensuring quality at the best price for each customer while maintaining profitability for the company.

Quantity Surveying Team

Procurement Team

Estimation Team

Quantity Surveying Team Overview

The Quantity Surveying department’s primary role is to look after the financial wellbeing of all the current projects which we are undertaking. They collaborate closely with all other departments. On the successful award of a project the QS team attend a handover meeting where the estimating team hands over the project to the QS Team and from then the QS Team are responsible for all financial aspect of the project.


The daily duties are several and varied. Our teams hold pre-ward meetings with sub-contractors prior to their appointment. At monthly intervals, payment claims are issued to the client to seek payment for previous month’s completed works. This process is vital for the cashflow of the business. Capturing the cost for changes in scope is important and variations are prepared and issued by the QS Team to the client detailing the cost implication of the change.

The QS Team recognises that client care is crucial to winning more works, so all activities are carried out in a collaborative manner to ensure a future stream of work. The financial performance of the projects needs to be presented to the Director and this function is also carried out by the QS team.

Procurement Team Overview

Quinn Downes Group utilises a central procurement so that both Quinn Downes Installation and Quinn Downes Service and Maintenance drive better value in terms of costs, relationships and service from common suppliers and subcontractors. Although effective procurement is each individual’s responsibility, the team strive to drive the best from our suppliers and subcontractors.

Procurement’s role is to procure products and services at the right time, for the right cost and to the right quality (lead time, cost & specification), procurement is a long-term approach to acquiring goods and services.

 The team work collaboratively with suppliers and subcontractors to maximise the potential value of those relationships. Supplier relationship management aims to create closer, more collaborative relationships with suppliers and subcontractors to uncover and realise new value and reduce risk. It is about developing two-way, mutually beneficial relationships with supply and service partners that deliver greater levels of innovation and competitive advantage than could be achieved by operating independently.

Quinn Downes Group try to keep supplier and subcontractor relationships positive and transparent by regular and open meetings with our preferred suppliers.

Estimation Team Overview

In the bustling world of QDG, our Estimating Department plays a crucial role in shaping the projects that build our future. This team blends sharp analytical skills with strategic thinking to steer our project planning towards success. At the core of our work is the careful evaluation of potential projects. We make sure each one fits our strengths and goals before moving forward. Diving deep into the details—costs, timelines, and resources—setting a solid foundation for our project teams to build upon.

 More than just crunching numbers, our estimators are the visionaries of QDG. They pick the right tenders to pursue and put together competitive bids that help us win projects and strengthen our position in the market. Their job starts with prequalifying for tenders, gathering all the necessary information to show we’re the right fit. Once a tender is in hand, they check to make sure they have everything needed to put together a precise bid, keeping an eye on any changes that come up along the way.

 Our estimators use specialized software to pull together prices and measure out project specifics directly on their screens, making sure every detail is accounted for in our bids. After winning a bid, we hand over everything the project team needs to get moving, including a detailed list of materials and all the tender documents.

As QDG continues to take on ambitious and innovative projects, the dedication and expertise of our Estimating Department ensure that we’re building on a foundation of clarity and strategy. Hard work behind the scenes is what keeps us growing and succeeding, one project at a time.

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