Health & Safety at Quinn Downes Group

Health and Safety

At Quinn Downes we are committed to top class health and safety practices and procedures. Our team work daily on ensuring we follow guidelines and legal requirements while also coming up with new initiatives to promote and encourage best practice to make health and safety a priority for all.


Anyone who begins working with Quinn Downes will receive a health and Safety induction with a member of the safety team on their first day. This ensures, we are all on the same page from day one on the importance.

Continuous training and development are paramount in ensuring we stay up to date in the fast paced, everchanging world of health and safety in construction. Our QEHS (Quality, Environment, Health & Safety) team are continuously attending courses to further develop themselves and in turn, can deliver the best possible advice and guidance to our staff.

The team are trained and qualified to deliver in house Manual Handling, and DSE Assessments, which ensures the safety of the core framework for people working both on site and in the office.

All further training to ensure staffs safety such as first aid, working at heights, safe pass, confined spaces etc is organised externally and monitored by the QEHS team to ensure all is in date and everyone has the required training to carry out work.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

To ensure quality PPE is worn by all staff we provide full 5 point PPE to all on their first day of work at Quinn Downes and all additional safety equipment thereafter.


Committee, Initiatives, Legal & Talks

Safety Committee

The team introduced the Safety Committee in 2023 to represent all staff in giving inputs towards improving our health and safety culture and processes. We listen to what our staff on the ground have to say, as they are experiencing their environments each day and can see first hand where issues are and have great ideas for improvement.


The team run initiatives throughout the year for promoting health and safety, and good practice is recognised and rewarded through our safety champion programme helping engage all to participate in making Quinn Downes a safer place. Each Quarter a Safety Champion is chosen and receives a voucher from our QEHS Manager to thank them for their hard work and participation.

Tool Box Talks

The team give regular toolbox talks to all staff to remind them of best practice and keep everyone up to date on changing policies and relevant guidelines, this also gives staff the opportunity to ask questions around these policies and best practice guidelines in an open environment, ensuring everyone has a good understanding on the importance of each.

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