Hard work and honesty are core values central to the Quinn Downes’ ethos. The Quinn Downes Group appreciate and value all our apprentices and we understand the importance of building skills & expanding opportunities for all our staff. To this end, we have developed an Apprentice Appreciation scheme whereby we will support and encourage all our apprentices on their journey to becoming qualified tradespersons. At the launch of this programme, we presented each of them with personalised Vernier Callipers and outlined our commitments to making sure they are guided through their studies and practical experience in every way. The Vernier Callipers were selected to emphasize the importance of precision in their work. 

We have also created a Bonus Scheme which offers rewards at various stages of expertise achieved and also for their achievements within the Solas Programme . Recognising the importance of career progression, once qualified, we will offer them every opportunity for growth and advancement within the company. Congratulations to all our apprentices on their journey so far and we look forward to seeing their progress in the coming years.